Did you know?

That only about 3% of 'Investors' who take the expensive courses actually do ANY deals?

There are no investment courses that take YOUR personality to match you with an investment strategy

That people who align their investments to their TRUE selves are far more successful than those who don't?

That Real Estate Investment strategies can be classified into 3 Broad Categories People, Paper and Property

That in just a few short clicks you can know your investor profile and match with YOUR strategy?

Did you know?

You would NOT find this proprietary method that we INVENTED anywhere else.

People who take any personality tests are actually MORE successful when they implement the suggestions.

That people who align their investments to their TRUE selves are far more successful than those who don't?

Don't be surprised if you find out that you are NOT what you thought you were .E.g. Many investors that thought that they were Paper People have found out that they are are People People and are really GOOD at raising money.

This is VERY different from anything you have EVER seen from Real Estate Investment Coaches.

Do you know Your Investor Profile

People People:

Inherent Strengths A desire to connect with other people.

Best Investment Strategies: Raise Money, Creative SFR Acquisition, Hard Money Lenders

Weaknesses: Too Caring, cant distinguish between acquaintance and Friend

Need To: Classify Their Vast Network and mine it for contacts.

Paper People:

Inherent Strengths Analysis & comfort with contracts and spreadsheets.

Best Investment Strategies: Lease Options, Multifamily Purchase, Creative Real Estate Acquisitions

Weaknesses: Analysis Paralysis, Can't see the forest for the trees

Need To: Build a plan and Take ACTION. Stick to it.

Property People:

Inherent Strengths Natural Creators with 3d thinking.

Best Investment Strategies: Flipping Houses, Buy Fix Hold, Multifamily Fix and Flip

Weaknesses: Weak Due Diligence, Over Rehab

Need To: Do Better Due Diligence

Why knowing your investor profile is
the FIRST thing you should do on your investment journey?

I don’t have to do this and I’m only doing it because it is who I am. - Michael Jordan

  • INVESTOR , KNOW THYSELF:- So many failures in Real Estate Investments happen because people choose their strategies before knowing THEMSELVES. Repeatedly I have seen investors try something fail …not give up..try something else and then succeed beyond everyone’s wildest imaginations including themselves. This is because without fail they are doing something NOW that is a LOT closer to who they are as a person. After YEARS of watching investors in this manner I saw a pattern develop and figured out that investors mainly fall into THREE categories – People People, Paper People and Property People. All of them can make boatloads of money through real estate investments but it is a LOT smoother if they implement a strategy that is closer to who they are as a person. So with the help of two brilliant social scientists I created a TEST that reveals your INNER INVESTOR. And yes the U.S. Copyright Office was kind enough to grant me a Copyright on the same. It is our humble opinion that you should find out your investment profile FIRST before you go ahead and start on any kind of investment journey. 
  • The WRONG Match :- As with everything in life Real Estate Investments will also bring you times that are tough. At those times if the strategy that you are implementing is not aligned with who you are - you will quit. I have seen countless examples of this .I have seen a respected surgeon try to wholesale properties for 18 months because she wanted about 3000/month more in passive income. She took our test and VOILA - she was a People Person . We matched her to a strategy aligned to her strengths and proximity which was raising money and she made 2800/month Passive Income in 6 months. I have seen paper people trying to implement a property strategy like flipping and FAIL. 
  • The Dirty Secret :- The dirty secret of the Real Estate Teaching industry is that the success rate of people who take the courses is about 3%. Its miserable. It is my belief based upon watching numerous people taking courses that this is due to the phenomenon I call Buying into the Dream . Here is what happens. You go to an event where you see people telling you that you can make money doing a strategy like Flipping Homes or Wholesaling. The speaker sells you his/her course for upwards of 150000 and you are left holding the bag. You quit because as you start doing it you realize that it sucks and your heart is just not in it. NO MORE! You are just a few drop down answers away from discarding that pain. Take the test and get yourself matched to the best strategy for YOU.

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I learnt more through this than a 

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I learnt more through this than a 

I learnt more through this than a 

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I learnt more through this than a 

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