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You asked for training.  You got it. 3 Days Conference + Bus Tour. Whether you have never done a deal before or done many deals this training will help you. Often times at the club we get requests for basic training from people who are new and have never done a deal before. So we created this training program to teach you basics of all the three tracks in Real Estate Investing. We set out to make a training program with three objectives in mind 1) Make it effective. 2)Make it customized . 3)Make it affordable. 
  •  Customized: What's MY REI ?
  • Effective: Bus Tour to actual deals or no deals.
  • Affordable: This entire 3 day training costs only $199.
Make it customized :- Unlike the ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach that every other training does we decided to go for a more focused approach to training. In my dealings often times I have seen people choose their investing track by default. It comes down to whatever comes in their sphere of influence first. That is a horrible way to invest and leads to situations like busy professionals like doctors wanting to wholesale. We , with the help of a few social scientists, decided to create a tool , a set of 50 questions designed to invoke the real you. What's MY REI ? (TM) is a test that will tell you all about who you are. You will get access to the test at the training.
Make it effective :-  Enough already with the classroom only trainings. Dress weather appropriate as we are taking a bus to 3-4 properties that you will evaluate the numbers for various exit strategies. Evaluate what it will take to fix a house and then decide whether to keep the house or flip it or wholesale it.
Make it affordable :- This entire 3 Day training costs $199. You will get the knowledge, the documents and the tools needed to implement the investment strategy that is customized to who you are as a person.
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
Born in a 3rd World country couldn't stop Tapan Trivedi from succeeding. Born to a textile mill worker (think two levels above Slumdog Millionaire ) and a home maker , he knew he wanted more than what he saw around him. Losing two lifelong friends to poverty motivates him to this day. He came to America to get his Master's in Business and started a successful but frustrating career in Software Engineering as a day job and a parallel , fun career in entertainment - standup comedy to be exact. That was , until the crash of 2008 when he discovered Real Estate Investing. An errant click sent him to a GURU's program which gave him enough knowledge to be dangerous. Have you wondered how you could start small and go big ? It takes courage, consistency and a network of people to succeed in this business. Learn the basics at the conference.
How to build your portfolio so you can retire?
How to wholesale contracts for quick cash ?
How to flip houses for massive wealth?
How to raise massive amounts of cash and buy apartments? 
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* LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Only 50 /- spots.
 Tapan Trivedi 
P.S. : I am pretty sure that this WILL sell out REAL FAST so please go and grab your spot. Don't be one of those people who calls and calls later . Act NOW!
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